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Reduce Costs

With our web-based services and reporting tools, our customers improve their overall productivity and operate more efficiently.

Work Anywhere

We integrate multiple networks, technologies and function into one intelligent system

Improve Driver Safety

Our customers experience boosted driver safety, reduced accidents and the knock-on effect of reduced costs.

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    GPS Tracking is a modern technology that allows you to concurrently locate and monitor your mobile assets at any time: vehicles, motorcycles, trucks, boats, your company’s automotive fleet, etc.


     It can also be used to track individuals such as your children, elderly, family members, and your outdoor sales and delivery team. A web-based portal enables you to monitor and control the subjects by visually checking their current locations, trip details, trip history, vehicle speed, vehicle status (on or off), and even in certain cases, by disabling your asset from moving outside a certain area.

     Nowadays, GPS Tracking is widely recommended for both corporate and personal use. INFOCAST brings this innovative technology to EGYPT and the Middle East.

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