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Reduce Costs

With our web-based services and reporting tools, our customers improve their overall productivity and operate more efficiently.

Work Anywhere

We integrate multiple networks, technologies and function into one intelligent system

Improve Driver Safety

Our customers experience boosted driver safety, reduced accidents and the knock-on effect of reduced costs.

personal tracking system can allow you to monitor your loved ones and locate your family in an emergency.

1-      Elderly Monitoring:

A GPS tracking system can allow you to keep an eye on your aging parents. It can help you locate them if they get lost or in the case of an emergency. A GPS locator can give you an extra layer of protection and safety for your loved ones.

2-      Child Locator:

Our personal GPS tracking devices and child locator solutions are perfect to use for tracking and monitoring your children. Our devices can easily be placed or inserted into a child's pocket, jacket or backpack. Children have a natural urge to explore. Parents have a natural desire to ensure the safety of their children. Our products provide a tool that allows parents to monitor, supervise, locate and provide guidance to their children and teens in their activities and day-to-day lives. As missing children and troubling school incidents occur more often, it’s only natural to do the best we can for our children.

3-      Car Tracking:

Car track and vehicle tracking systems are electronic devices that enable vehicle owners or third parties to track the location of a car. Vehicle information can be viewed on electronic maps via the Internet or tracking software connected to your car track. Vehicle tracking systems have become increasingly popular in consumer vehicles as a theft prevention and retrieval device. The carjacking epidemic prompted many governments and insurance companies worldwide to mandate tracking devices in all new cars. After activation, customers can receive email and text alerts with information on the location of tracked devices including a physical address, speed monitoring, on-the-move alerts, and notification of entry or exit of a pre-determined geographic perimeter or geofence.


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